Abandoned House2019-12-08T14:37:28-05:00

Thereare abandoned homes all across the country. Some people pass away and don’t let family members know about assetts and property. Other times people have homes they own and become ill and can not keep up the maintenance or pay taxes. We are interested in abandoned properties that you own or know about so that we can evaluate and research them. When we come to a conclusion, we make a cash offer and purchase the house. We rehab and renovate the houses and flip or lease them. We like to rent to own properties to honest people who might not have the perfect credit.

Active neighborhood watchers are welcome to submit local homes and properties that are run down or look abandoned. It’s a great way to keep the vitality in your neighborhood and keep your property value up. We do all the work and all you need to do is contact us. Your referrals assist your local community.